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Blueberries on the vine

Agriculture consulting

Koster Limited is knowledgeable and experienced in providing up to date information on the techniques and methods of starting your own agriculture and vineyard business. Kosterunderstands, values and honours the variety of qualities of the soil and of thepattern of the Mother Nature. At the same time Koster Limited has a vast experience introducing the most appropriate technical and financial advisers in the industry, especially where the know how if pivotal to enhance the quality or the quantity of a particular product in order to start the trade in new regions. As of the year 2010 Koster is active in advising farmyards, vineyards and individual farmers in Hungary, Croatia, Georgia and the Ukraine. Koster has introduced tens of highly qualified and experienced professionals from the US, the Netherlands, Singapore, China to the new markets. Koster have concluded numerous deals on both directly advising and matching the professionals and the business owners. Koster is always actively seeking new businesses that wish to enhance their potential and the professionals seeking introductions to the new markets. Please feel free to contact us for a friendly, non obligatory advice.


Business Introductions

Koster Limited has initially been set up as a business introducer and an advisory bureau  for businesses seeking top notch connections in a continent they do not have the presence at. Having its principal office at the Caribbean Koster Limited has excellent connections in hospitality, finance, administration, notarial, legal, fiduciary and real estate sectors of the region. Over the years Koster has introduced a number of highly successful projects and exceptional, hand picked professionals to individuals and organisations from all over the world. The connection works the other way too as Koster naturally has the expertise in those fields in Europe and Asia alike.

Analysing the Data

Restructuring and Corporate Management consulting

At Koster, our team of professionals boasts extensive experience and a robust network within the corporate consulting sphere, earning recognition on a global scale. Through direct engagement or via our professional network, Koster has provided advisory services to numerous European organizations, particularly regarding asset holding structures tailored for the Caribbean market.

Clients often choose Koster for its swiftness, depth of experience, and personalized attention from our members. The comprehensive service approach we offer acts as a magnet for organizations and individual entrepreneurs alike. In today's dynamic global landscape, characterized by heightened scrutiny of business operations and enhanced due diligence requirements, Koster remains adaptable while upholding its regulatory obligations diligently.

With years of industry expertise, Koster places significant emphasis on regulatory compliance. Every interaction is handled with meticulous care, including thorough due diligence checks to ensure the integrity of operations and the legitimacy of business sources. We invite you to reach out for a review and preliminary advice tailored to your specific needs.

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